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Lazutinu deprive of last medals from Solt - Lejk - City

Only - only our fans began to forget about that nightmare which occurred in Solt - Lejk - City. But officials about Russia remember. Now they have conceived to deprive Larissa Lazutinu of the medals which have remained with it.
Lazutinoj had been left two silver medals which it has received to the positive test on darbepoetin. By the international rules to punish the sportsman a post factum it is forbidden. However now it was found out that Larissa was not tested in December of last year that is why disqualification automatically extends and on the Olympic Games.
the international ski federation has just now obtained the definitive data on tests which took at Lazutinoj during World Cup stages in Ramzau and Italian Kone. In them traces of that darbepoetina on which the Russian have caught in America are found out.
the Official rule says that after reception of the positive test for a dope all subsequent results of the sportsman are automatically cancelled. This point has been applied to our gymnasts who have deprived after a while of the medals won by them in the World championship in Spain.
the final decision on Lazutinoj is yet accepted. The ski federation has already sent corresponding documents in the IOC which the last word will tell. According to agency AR, the Russian officials while have not reacted in any way to these events.