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Czechs prepare for a match against Latvia blindly

Instead of looking through videorecordings with matches with participation of modular Latvia, Charles Brjukner has spent half-day in an armchair of the stomatologist, informs an official site of UEFA. The toothache has not given it possibility even to spend training of the command. Teeth to it have put on a plate, and, naturally, Brjukner has not come and on a press - conference, having sent instead of itself the assistant Miroslava Beraneka.

Little changes in the program in any way will not prevent our trainer. He and so much that knows about Latvia - has declared Beranek.

Preparation of Czechs for a match against Latvia in general it has appeared crumpled. Two days the command did not train, as Yana Kollera has received holiday for two days in connection with wedding. However, on wedding football players have gone not all. Having used presented freedom, Vladimir Shmitser has gone to play a golf, Peter Cheh has decided to be engaged in tennis, and Milan Barosh spent time at cinema with the girl. In general, to Kolleru there has arrived only Tomash Rositski, its partner on Dortmund Borussia .

Pavel Nedved has spent uik - end in the house in Bohemia. my wife always cries, when I leave. She has wished me the prompt returning, but, I hope, all - taki it not to happen - the best football player of Europe of last year has declared.

it is spoilt there was a preparation for a match and Vratislava Lokventsa: in Prague at it have hijacked the car. However, Lokvents, possibly, will not play with Latvians from - for anklebone traumas.