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From - for a photo of Bekhema in cowards journalists can be expelled from national team camp

Representatives of two known British tabloids The Sun and Daily Star can deprive of access to players and trainers of an English national team. Last night the Football Association (FA) has warned editors of newspapers and sports reporters that considers similar pictures as inexcusable intervention in private life . However contrary to it next day aforementioned tabloids have published on the first pages of a photo of David Bekhema on a hotel balcony in Lisbon. On the halfback of English national team there was nothing, except cowards and sun glasses, and it has pushed one of hands in the unique subject of clothes.
Besides, The Sun has accompanied a photo on the front page unambiguous heading skarbeznogo character. On David`s reaction it is not informed, but hardly he was delighted to that has seen in a press.
sources in FA declared that its representatives will address in Association of writing journalists which has extended last night the message with the prevention of inadmissibility of use of such photos. It is supposed that scandalous pictures a handwork of Portuguese paparazzi. FA also does not exclude possibility to address in special Commission on complaints to the press on purpose to file criminal charges against infringers.
on the threshold of a responsible match against French national team recently established shaky balance of relations between Bekhemom and the press can be broken that vrjad will do good to the leading player of Englishmen.