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In Application committee Sochi - 2014 the lightning

In serious alteration has struck the management of Application committee " has got; Sochi - 2014 on the way back from victorious session for us the International committee.

the head a press - services of the Olympic committee of Russia Gennady Shvets has informed the newspaper News that over Atlantic the liner of the Russian delegation has got into storm front. The lightning has struck in the plane, in salon light has gone out, and the captain has made decision to plant the car in Montreal. Air field services have put the liner in order, and soon a command Sochi - 2014 has continued flight.

a panic onboard was not, the crew operated professionally, and passengers of charter Olympic flight have counted this incident original a sign from above - - has transferred Shvets of a word of the chief, president OKR Leonid Tjagacheva.

we Will remind that last Thursday on June, 5th in 3:22 nights Moscow time the president the IOC Jacque Rogge named capital of Winter Olympic games of 2014 by which the Russian city of Sochi has been chosen. Having received 51 voice of members the IOC, capital of Games - 2014 on four points has outstripped the demand of South Korean Phenchhana, in the second time in succession (after Igr - 2010) conceding in final fight for the right of carrying out of the Olympic Games it is not enough (last time - three voices). Interesting, what exactly the Asian city was called as many experts the obvious favourite in the race which has come to the end in Guatemala.