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Flavio Briatore the Son of the head of Libya has punished son Kaddafi

has dishonoured the father. Saadi Kaddafi has gone into scandal in one of luxurious restaurants of Sardinia, for what was a disgrace with from it Flavio Briatore - one of the famous people in the Formula world - 1 is exposed.
Hot temper of the son of general Kaddafi well know to Sardinia where it name your arrogance . However sometimes happens that on such as it is a justice. Flavio Briatore - the former boss of a command Benetton - has decided to teach a good lesson Saadi who tried to put the car about restaurant of the known businessman. The son of the Libyan dictator did it so disrespectfully and boorishly in relation to other motorists that its patience at last has burst. Briatore has publicly expelled Saadi Kadafi from the institution and has forbidden it to appear there.
according to eyewitnesses the former owner of a racing command Benetton has declared Kaddafi the following: To people as you which are not able to conduct decently itself, not a place at my restaurant. Be cleaned from here! to the Son of the general remains nothing how to disappear from a scandal place.