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Spartak intend to deprive of Feodor Fedorova of the professional licence

At the session which has taken place on August, 09th of AK FHR and PHL, on Feodor Fedorova`s business the decision has been passed - to recognise the contract of Fedorova with NP GHK Spartak Moscow the void. Thus, the player became the free agent. The decision did not suit the Moscow club, a press - which service has let out today an official statement of the president of club Vyacheslav Starshinova about it.

we consider that acceptance of the given decision has been dictated by the formal reasons and it compels us to tell about all facts of the given case.
in January of this year founders of club have made the decision on to releasing players Spartaka in last dozajavki that has been sounded in mass-media. Despite it, a management Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist repeatedly addressed in Spartak With the request for Feodor Fedorova`s transition in their club. A management Spartaka thus adhered to the line.
on the threshold of the next stage of Euro cup to one of founders GHK Spartak Igor Shabdurasulov was called at first the head of Federal agency on physical culture, sports and tourism by Vyacheslav Fetisov, and then one of trainers of a national team Vladimir Jurzinov with the same request: to find possibility that F.Fedorov in interests of a national team continued to receive game practice in one of clubs - participants plej - off. The father of hockey player F.Fedorova - Victor Fedorov was one of active participants of discussion of this point in question. On I.Shabdurasulov`s personal meeting mutually advantageous conditions of transition of the player were discussed with V.Fedorovym in HK the Metallurgist Mg., on which V.Fedorov has confirmed that all conditions Spartaka concerning his son are accepted. Now we can tell that F.Fedorovym`s signing of the contract with " was the only stipulation of such transition; Spartakom for a season 2005 - 2006 the Question on any monetary indemnification did not rise at all, as a position of founders Spartaka was unequivocal - it is a question of interests of a national team. After the basic decision of this question has begun purely technical work.
in connection with the termination of terms by last dozajavki official registration of papers should be finished in the shortest term. All conditions of transition of the hockey player have been definitively co-ordinated with the official representative of the player and his father in Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist and also financial conditions and contract periods of validity 2005 - the Prepared documents have been transferred 2006 to a season to the official representative (agent) of the player Gennady Ushakov for signing.
on February, 11th, 2005 official representative F. Fedorova and his father of profit in GHK Spartak also have presented three copies of the contract signed by the player. At their presence and in the presence of vice-president Sergey Kashirsky I, as the president Spartaka has signed this contract and has assured the signature a club official stamp. Simultaneously I have signed the Contract of transition of F.Fedorova in the metallurgist Mg., in which text it is specified that since May, 1st, 2005 all rights to player F.Fedorova pass to HK Spartak . Thus Spartak has completely carried out undertaken.
on August, 3rd, 2005 Arbitration committee PHL has directed us a fax a copy of the statement of claim of official representative F.Fedorova, dated on June, 23rd which basic maintenance is reduced to that hockey player F.Fedorov at all did not sign the contract.
the Given statement is turned not only to experts and fans of hockey, but also to heads PHL and all hockey clubs of Russia. Precedent when the club which has signed the contract, has been deceived, and Arbitration committee is created, having agreed with it, nevertheless, has made the decision, actually, in favour of the deceiver.
we call heads of clubs for a solidary position concerning such players and their every possible representatives.
management GHK Spartak will address in PHL and FHR Russia with the requirement about deprivation of the licence of professional hockey player F.Fedorova and with the corresponding statement of claim in Sports Arbitration court .
On the next board of clubs of a superleague we will address to a management of hockey clubs with the offer on development of a uniform corporate policy concerning player F.Fedorova and its representatives.
at any accepted decisions we do not intend to leave F.Fedorova in GHK Spartak but justice should triumph, after all the such can repeat in any club .