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Luish the Fig complains of life

As yesterday has reported Rejter Luish has officially declared the Fig the indignation concerning indefatigable attempts of the Catalan press to discredit its reputation. I know that for me someone purposefully digs a hole, and does it through newspapers. All it occurs again - taki from - for that fantastic sum which for me have given . We remind that it is a question of the sum, exceeding 56 million dollars for which former attacking Leopards has been sold in the Madrid Real. I know that there is a number of people which simply do not want that I showed good game in new club, but I repeat that I am very happy here. To play, small flash which would help to reach level of game necessary for me is necessary to me only. While people cannot simply correlate me as player with such huge sum of money. Counting on it, the company against me " is spent;.
And really this moment it is difficult to underestimate. Today the president Barcelonas Juan Gaspar has addressed to fans of the club with the request not to arrange anything specially for the Fig expecting an indignation wave at its occurrence in a forthcoming meeting of two competing commands. Thus he notices that fans should express that they feel, is simple within the limits of elementary civilisation and politeness . That would not tell Gaspar, abundantly clear, on October, 21st the Fig will feel it not so comfortable, leaving in the field under indignant whistle of 98,000 former fans.