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What hymn will choose Sven - Goran Eriksson?

today in Manchester the companionable match between English national teams and Sweden should take place. In this connection, unusual rates have started to accept well-known bukmekkerskaja office William Hill .
At stadium Old Trafford on which English national team has issued hit on the World championship after nobody`s Greece with a command, ancestors of football will accept Sweden. Game causes interest for the several reasons. In - the first, both modular steels participants of the World championship of 2002. In - the second, Englishmen the native of Sweden trains Sven - Goran Eriksson who now is one of the most popular people in Great Britain.
the person of the trainer has moved bukmekkerov on interesting enough question. what hymn will execute the Ericsson - Swedish or English? it is interesting that the most popular variant - execution by the trainer of both hymns. Rates on it are accepted as two to one. And the representative of the company William Hill has told that similar succession of events becomes the best result. It is supposed that television cameras in Manchester will be directed on the Ericsson during all ceremony of the beginning of a match.
Besides, the most popular are rates that Englishmen will win against Swedes, and David Bekhem will hammer from the penal. The person who will guess removal of Bekhema in game against Sweden becomes the happy owner of the sum which in 50 times exceeds the initial rate.