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Scandals of week. Giner, KDK and Gjan

the Last week has pleased fans of sports scandals, yellow headings and various dismantlings. The prime minister - league became a source of gossips and loud statements native. We represent the loudest scandals of week. Today all - domestic flood.

the first place. What has bought Giner?

that in our football not all is pure, each grandma spending all time in a court yard on a small bench knows, probably. But earlier never suspicious matches, feebleness of officials and strange refereeing did not cause such response in a press and among fans. As though all have agreed, that before to kill an intrigue in our championship by exclusively secret games.

Has begun still about 10 days ago. Soldiers have arrived to Rostov behind a victory and have easy left with three points in a pocket. It would Seem: what in it surprising? On the contrary, someone very strongly did not like a spirit rostovchan on a match. Ostensibly and defenders politely passed Olicha to the collars, and Kalachev has punched a penalty poorly and on the centre, and then has unwillingly finished a ball. The author of a goal as - that insincerely also rejoiced. In general, it is available dogovornjak?

, of course, anybody could not present Proofs - at negotiations of Ginera with Kalachevym and the company nobody held a candle. But the deposit - that remained And football players Rostov have allowed a superfluous occasion to suspect itself of game delivery - took yes have fought in a locker room. For what reason the muzhiks young and upset with defeat can wave with fists? Only on one if to trust accusers - one match handed over, and others are not present, money - that not all have paid, and the brand - that on all command remains. How here not to set to the team mate? In general, among other, there was one more strange Match though, apparently, that here surprising - the leader of the championship has won unmotivated serednjaka?

And already following game of CSKA became the reason of such quantity of various responses that they will not stop till now in any way. To tell about refereeing of Pettaja
in detail there is no sense - all and so if did not see then read that he has created in relation to to Zenith . More interesting another. a hand of Ginera in errors of the arbitrator have seen everything, except admirers of CSKA. Those, on the contrary, nod on Feduna: the pier, is eternally aching spartakovtsy drive a wave, and we play fair and for Pettaja not in the answer.

but dismantling between clubs has got the All-Russia scale. Even Petersburg deputies
have not stood aside and have promised to clear away a dirt in the Russian football. Here it is valid, only they and did not suffice to get rid dogovornjaki and to teach arbitrators to whistle correctly! Then poveselil already Zenith having suggested soldiers to change
an ill-fated match. Even if Giner foolishly would agree, as it should occur technically? On the basis of what and which body should make the decision about pereigrovke? Without saying that the distressful calendar of a superfluous match simply would not sustain.

Pettaja recognised in the meantime as guilty
in three productive errors. He, truth, them did not recognise. Says that is in the upset feelings and in this condition cannot look at match videorecording. Well it is valid, and to a heart attack nearby: it is necessary to see the eyes that all country has already considered from five foreshortenings.

but let it pass, with Pettaem. There has come the following round of national championship. Soldiers have gone to Samara, and klounada has proceeded. Bookmakers have offered record-breaking low factors on CSKA victory, and some offices have not opened this line. The press hinted that a victory to soldiers is simple - taki is guaranteed. And they took and have conceded. Someone in it has seen the next devil plan of Ginera. A pier, time us accuses all of dishonest victories, give - ka we take and we will lose - then charges will abate! It is thin, you will tell nothing! Here if only Spartak has won in Ramensky, this ostensibly the plan of Ginera could cost much to its command. Brad? It. So for any time theme GVK has left from guest books and press pages. Whether here for a long time?

the Second place. KDK. Klounsko - moronic committee.

So has coincided, but on the same week our football officials did not allow to miss to the country. The problem it has dropped out arhislozhnaja. All in the same scandalous match of CSKA - Zenith Riksen with Wagner have not divided a ball, the Dutch has pushed the Brazilian, that has answered with fist blow. Business, like, clear - delete both and disqualify then a minimum on five matches. But Pettaj of players has regretted, having shown a yellow card only to Wagner, and Riksena in general having forgiven.

further business has entered KDK. The extraordinary session of this committee which has forbidden both rowdies to act in the championship of Russia before new session has gathered. Actually it meant an interdiction to play 28 - m round. At the same time on 4 games disqualified Pavljuchenko who has entered squabble with the head coach Tom` Valery Petrakovym. Rigidly? Certainly. But it is fair enough.

that occurs further? Wagner, despite an interdiction, all the same flies to Samara. And KDK at this time gathers again and all will rehabilitate. What has occurred between two sessions? Probably, we of it never learn. And it is a pity - differently at once all would understand that it for an animal such - an administrative resource and who actually possesses it.

and differently actions KDK are similar on behaviour of the whimsical child. Now it would like sweet, and in five minutes - salty. Why? And simply it wanted. About such things as the regulations, the law, a reputation, eventually, nobody reflects. Yes it also is not necessary: KDK - body joint, there 10 persons work, so anybody for crazy decisions will particularly not answer.

the third place. Gjan against spartachej and racism.

Baffur Gjan - the quite good football player, but after leaving from the Dynamo in Saturn about it as - that have forgotten. But he has managed - taki to remind of itself(himself)
. It has given the bright and clear answer spartakovskim to fans who the shouts hinted at skin colour of the attacking situated near Moscow. Well-known gesture of Effenberga performed by Gjana has been doubled (hands - that two, it is necessary to be able to use both). Punishment, truth, it has received the same - a red card.