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Fedotov advises to awake Pavljuchenko kicks and slaps in the face

Roman Pavluchenko Vladimir Fedotov`s Former trainer has told to the instructor Tottenham Harry Rednappu about methods of work with the forward.
the former trainer it is red - white has told that Roman Pavluchenko attacking by Russian national team, sometimes needs a good kick to start to play on the present. Vladimir Fedotov trained Pavljuchenko during the period of work in Moscow Spartake . In its opinion, the Novel - extremely talented player who sometimes suffers laziness and inability will be adjusted on unimportant matches.
Fedotov has told that it often had to awake the sleeping giant . Methods were absolutely different, from shout before physical exercises, sometimes even it was necessary, to splash it on the person, to wake from hibernations .
When I saw that he badly trains, and it does not have due spirit, I helped it to find it. For me it was easy to work with it as I knew its strong and weaknesses. Its greatest problem is its mood. If all is good, he trains, if it does not have desire, it becomes amorphous. I hope in England, they will get out of this habit .
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