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Vashchuk - Sychev on - ukrainski?

In interview to the Ukrainian service of the Air Forces Vladislav Vashchuk has declared that in December, 2002 has addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor of Shevchenkovsky area of Kiev with the request to make graphological examination of the signature under the contract with Kiev the Dynamo ostensibly operating till December, 2004, the newspaper " informs; the Soviet sports .
In my statement submitted on December, 26th, it is said that the club carries out falsification of my contract, - has declared Vashchuk. - In Office of Public Prosecutor promised to make graphological examination of the signature put under the contract, shown in PFL Ukraine . If examination confirms that the signature of Vashchuka on the contract is forged, the football player becomes the free agent and free of charge will get Moscow Spartaku . PFL Ukraine has agreed to check up authenticity of the signature of Vashchuka under the contract.
as consider Spartak And the football player, action of the original contract expired on December, 31st, 2002. For this reason Vashchuk has considered that it has the right to continue after the expiration of this term career in any club, shown to it interest.
a dynamo naturally, holds opposite opinion. Vashchuk training gathering should, having the operating contract that is why is subject to disqualification. The Kiev club, on Friday officially presented documents in the supervising football organisations of Russia and Ukraine with the requirement to disqualify the football player intends to defend such position.
the situation very much reminds that which has developed round leaving from Spartaka Dmitry Sychev. Then too the football player accused club of contract falsification, too it was a question of counterfeit signatures. As a result the football player who has left as he and wanted that, the Moscow command and appeared in the European club has appeared the winner (if that in this situation in general is possible). It is quite possible to assume, as now Vashchuk can prove everything that wants, and Spartak will get off with payment of indemnification for the football player.
a photo from Vladislav Vashchuka`s official site