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ZHamnov has added a headache Chicago

the Forward and the captain Chicago Alexey Zhamnov has been arrested for driving in a state of intoxication, SportsTicker. This incident has even more complicated position Hawks which all have exposed two days ago on transferteorena Fleri. ZHamnov which has passed last two matches from - for hand traumas, has been arrested in the centre of Chicago. Urovenalkogolja in blood has exceeded norm twice.
now proceeding is necessary to Zhamnovu. In a command it is the best bombardirom. In this season it has thrown 14 and has made 38 transfers.
incident became the last in a turn of troubles Chicago . All has begun with disqualification of Teo Fleri, which smog nachatsezon only on December, 6th.
in January Fleri and its two its clubmates have got to a bad story, having plaid pranks In night club Kolambusa, from - for what edvane an exit series " has been broken; Chicago from seven matches.
Zhamnov - not the first Russian in NHL which gets to such history lately. About one year back, in January, temizhe feats Sergey Fedorov was noted. As punishment it had to spend 100 hours on public works.