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Spartak has asked explanations for judge Zaharova

Two scandals for four days - whether mnogovato? It seems that for Moscow Spartaka so also not understood with Alenichev`s business scandals can become an image part in a season - 2006. Today a press - the service of capital club has published a press - release in which has demanded explanations from the main arbitrator of a Sunday match is red - white with the Locomotive Igor Zaharova.
Here that is told in the statement of Muscovites:
Today in interview to one of leading sports editions arbitrator I.Zaharov serving a match Spartak - the Locomotive has afforded the inadmissible statement to the football player Spartaka and the candidate for Vladimir Bystrova`s Russian national team.
Zaharov, according to the newspaper, has literally told the following: If the behaviour of this player in the field in relation to judges remains former, in its future the problem " wait;. Impartial television cameras in the reporting on a match have not fixed any emotional perehlestov at Bystrova. But the arbitrator time and again, judging by an articulation on close ups, resorted to strong expressions, chiding Bystrova. Not appointed obvious a penalty and the prevention for simulation which was not, have generated the assumption of the prejudiced relation of Zaharova to Bystrovu. The interview which have followed it completely has confirmed it. About what unbiassed refereeing after that there can be a speech?
Vladimir Bystrov took hard happened with it in the match mentioned in the same place with Denmark. Has incurred the deserved punishment, has sincerely apologised for fervour. Its behaviour in the field has considerably changed, becoming professional and more reserved. Talented people are emotional. Being allocated from the general frameworks, they are capable to work wonders in football. Not its fault that contenders more often others is rough foljat on Bystrove. It suffers and works over itself.
is considered to demand necessary from judge Zaharova of explanations concerning the stated threats to Vladimir Bystrova.
On what problems in the future you hint, mister Zaharov? The Russian football Themis hardly tries to get rid of the reputation which have settled in a society of the organisation prejudiced and dependent on unofficial arrangements. With it president RFS, heads of the judicial case, mass media try to struggle ruthlessly. Your words pour water on a mill of those who does not trust in success of this mission or does not want changes to the best in our football .
the Hard line it is red - white it is quite explainable: in not the idle time for a national command the moment in contemporary history, statements of the arbitrator really could sound slightly improperly. However, by and large, Zaharov has not told anything illegal. Moreover, the impulsiveness of Bystrova quite often passing for frameworks permitted, already has had time to harm to our country even on international scene. The last year`s scandal connected with Russian molodezhkoj, still nobody has forgotten, and here punishments for it and has not followed.
that Bystrov was on Sunday one of the best in the field, should not justify behaviour of the player in many game situations at all. Really talented and presented havbek should realise that in the field there is a place vzaimouvazheniju without which it is difficult to achieve the big heights. Especially that deserves it is red - white club.