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Fans of Manchester have answered Romans

to Law enforcement bodies of Manchester only by the late night it was possible to liquidate completely disorders in a city, arisen before and after a return match 1/ 4 endings of League of champions between the MU and Romoj .

Fight has arisen around stadium Old Trafford . Fans Rums have come in T-shirts with an inscription we Will crush Manchester informs Euro - football. ru . Bottles have departed To the answer in them and stones. According to guards, disorders practically have simultaneously arisen at once in several places that has a little complicated work of law enforcement bodies.

all 18 persons, among which 11 Englishmen and 7 Italians have been arrested. As a result all visitors have been successfully sent in the airport.

we will remind that one week ago fights have occurred in Rome where on the first match 1/ 4 endings have arrived fans MU . Then also it was not possible to do without victims and arrested persons. Continuations of an antagonism of admirers Red devils and it is possible to wait for the Italian Italian football fans in a semi-final of League of champions, where the MU can quite leave on Milan .