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The Belarus trainer accuses Russians in podsypanii a dope

Sergey Shkradjuk, the personal trainer of Belarus sportswoman Vasilisy Marzaljuk - world champions among juniors of 2006, the bronze prize-winner of the adult European championship of 2005 on female struggle of a weight category to 72 kg, of interview to local mass-media has accused representatives of Russian national team that during joint gathering they poured a dope to its schoolgirl.
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Recently we knew that a dope - test of Vasilisy Marzaljuk which took in the beginning of April for some weeks of the European championship, has yielded positive result on furosemid, - Sergey Shkradjuk has informed. - Thus the sportswoman with tears in the face of swore that did not use this ill-starred furosemid. And the bases not to trust it at me are not present. I know it as the diligent and diligent girl. It grew without the father, but well studied - with a medal has finished Republican school of the Olympic reserve. And sense in use furosemida for the whole two weeks to eurosuperiority was not. Usually active sgonku excess weight sportsmen spend for few days before start. I think that furosemid in an organism of my ward it could appear not without the help competitors. From the beginning of year the Belarus sportswomen spent joint gathering and competitions to Russians, on which Vasilisa Marzaljuk fine itself has shown. In the end of January on tournament in Krasnoyarsk she has won prize-winner Olimpiady Guzel Manjurovu and then Kiev - and the second number of Russian national team. Then, in March we have again gone to Krasnoyarsk - on a World Cup. Among the Russian sportswomen at Vasilisy it is a lot of girlfriends, they spent a lot of time together, had dinner, had supper, drank tea. And to pour furosemid to the gaining in strength competitor did not make work. Consider that passage a dope - the test in Minsk on the eve of the April European championship was voluntary step. What sportsman, knowing that it is dirty will agree on check?
along with Marzaljuk, furosemid has been revealed in an organism of other member of modular Belarus, the bronze prize-winner juniorskogo superiority of the world on Tatyana Gromyko`s weightlifting. Decisions of the international federations on sports are not declared yet, but at national level both sportswomen are already deduced from staff of national teams of Belarus and removed from rates in the sports and tourism Ministry. Head coaches and doctors of two national teams have received reprimands. Under the informal information of the Belarus mass-media, Zynaida Stagursky also is convicted of dope application well-known Belarus velogonshchitsa, eks - the world champion and pobeditelnitsa the general offset female mnogodnevki Round de France at which two-year disqualification for the use of the forbidden preparations one of these days has ended.