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Ljungbju shows the way to a Fiorentina

the Russian fans for certain remember club Ljungbju against which the Locomotive played last year within the limits of an UEFA Cup. It seems that it is fast from this command really there are only memoirs.
club Ljungbju have ruined money, and their shortage is more true. On Thursday the official announcement of bankruptcy of a command from suburb of Copenhagen should take place. However the most interesting in this situation - that the club could and be rescued, having united it with capital Farumom . However shareholders have not taken this step. As a result, forthcoming game of national superiority against Brondbju becomes dream for players Ljungbju .
Now it is not clear what to do with football players who support this command. Earlier to them promised to pay the salary for November if they leave in the field on Sunday. However if game does not take place, money it, on - visible not to see. However, players not this more worries. For example, skilled Norwegian legionary Lars Bohinen who supported in due time Blackburn could not hide the bitterness concerning the misfortune, fallen down club.
it is interesting that there is a project, on which Ljungbju will continue to act in the championship, but in its structure there will be players of the double acting in the eighth (!) battalion of the Danish superiority. However it is not quite clear, this substitute command which becomes a monument gone bankrupt " what for is necessary; Ljungbju .
we Will add also that the destiny and one more club at which money - Italian " has ended within the next few days will be defined; a Fiorentina . It is not excluded that eminent representatives of a series And will go on a path blazed Danish Ljungbju - in frightening uncertainty.