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Sychev`s contract is stolen

Yesterday nearby 13. 00 from the car of employee FK Spartak the portfolio in which there was the attacking Dmitry Sychev`s contract with has been stolen is red - white, informs the Soviet sports
Trouble has occurred about the house 30 on Mjasnitsky street. The employee of legal department FK Spartak which was engaged all last week Sychev`s business has left the car literally for a minute, and having returned, has found out that the car window is broken and the portfolio with documents has disappeared. The lawyer has written the application in militia, and now law enforcement bodies are engaged in this business.
heads Spartaka Andrey Chervichenko and Alexander Shikunov now are abroad, therefore they could not comment in any way on this incident (last, by the way, stays at present in Brazil where looks through legionaries for a command).
Other employees of club yet do not give official comments.
recently scandal round Sychev began to inflame again. The forward has brought an action on Spartak demanding mental cruelty compensation. In turn, the club intends to take certain measures in relation to the football player. In particular, Spartak intend to interfere in every possible way the conclusions Sychev of the contract with any club without indemnification payment, to insist on disqualification of the forward and etc.
For this reason lawyers of club recently in details study all clauses of the football player. Now it turns out, there is nothing what to investigate. Dmitry Sychev asserts that has no on hands of the contract with Spartakom so, a unique copy existing at present - a copy of the contract which is stored in RPFL.