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Putsch: Federations against Fetisova

GKCHP in the newest Russian history - a word nominal. For the majority of inhabitants is a meeting of the several officials, decided to usurp the power vtoj or other area, usually top-level. And actually the abbreviation is deciphered as the state committee on state of emergency. Such position has now developed in the Russian sports.
probably, it is not necessary to remind of the conflict which has arisen between the head of Federal agency of Russia on physical culture and sports by Vyacheslav Fetisovym inekotorymi by heads of federations. Recently federal soldiers continually collected journalists, gave a press - conferences, pytajasdokazat the solvency. And they urged Fetisova to explain each time, for what he so does not love them. And on Monday Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich has answered. Yes so that became clear at once to all, for whom force and the power.
to Tell that Fetisov on called by it a press - conferences, was categorical, means not to tell anything. Certainly, to compete in rhetoric with officials, podvadtsat years sitting in the armchairs and got used all to convince of the necessity, to the hockey player who was in the recent past it is difficult. But mister Fetisov nestal to practise in eloquence and at once has placed all points over I. GKCHP - so head Moskomsporta has estimated recent performance of heads of nine-federations of sports in edition Arguments and the facts . If to remember history prospects at again declared committee are not present any. Federations are private companies on getting of means. When they suited this circus (the press the conference mentioned above) means, we did not have no only Swan lake on the TV. All those who is not able to work, cannot yield result, have gathered and have started me to throw mud. To them all etuenergiju to direct to the necessary channel there would be a sense - so Fetisov has estimated attempts of heads of federations to rehabilitate.
On a question on a situation in one their sports most favourite by Russians - sports gymnastics, Fetisov has answered so: Sportsmen in this sport bojatsjavyskazat own opinion, being afraid of discontent and sanctions from outside g - on Arkaeva (the head of federation of sports gymnastics). To me recently zvonilaodna our very known sportswoman, the numerous world champion (a surname Fetisov did not begin to name - edition), she has complained that in Russia strong trainers and sportsmenynikomu are not necessary, the best shots flow away abroad, and has asked to help . We will remind that Arkaev nedavnootkreshchivalsja what through his fault the most perspective experts from Russia now work abroad and train our direct competitors.
how confidently kept on a press - conferences Fetisov, he feels behind itself(himself) support from Putin. And against the omnipotent president vnashej to the country after Khodorkovsky does not risk to go anybody. Thus, the impression is made that to the officials who have grown into the armchairs federations all takipridetsja to leave for other work. However, having lost the places, they it seems from hunger will not die. It is impossible to deny that has much been made positive, but it is time to give way to the young already.
certainly, speech on a press - conferences should come about Koloskove. the Result of a match with Estonia does not change my opinion that head RFS dolzhenpokinut the post. All country is dissatisfied with a management of the Russian football, and only a small group of the people operating federation, consider that they are adequate. Cones has pledged me a word that it will leave, it means should leave. Executive committee RFS session to which me invited Cones on December, 6th will take place. But jateoreticheski I can not be there. To it, probably, it is known that at this time I will be out of limits of Russia at meeting of ministers of sports, therefore it ipozval me, knowing that I cannot love it. A rating of our national team on football this place in third ten (in the fourth, have corrected vzale). When I was in Brazil, Zhoao Avelanzh has highly appreciated activity of Koloskova, as official. After that I have asked it if its national team stranyokazalas out of ten the strongest football powers, what it would make with the head of federation? The question remained without the answer - so Fetisov navopros about future Koloskova has answered.
So, the empire strikes back. Now it is necessary to wait what that for reaction from GKCHPistov.