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The thief of a star is neutralised

the Spanish police it was possible to arrest 35 - ti the summer criminal who tried to steal the halfback Spanish Barcelonas Ivan De La Penja.
the Crime took place on Monday. A certain adventurer has broken into the house the football player. De La Penja very much was surprised, but in time has oriented and started up in flight from the unexpected visitor. The Spanish halfback has quickly contacted police which operated operatively. Attendants of the law in some hours managed to detain the probable thief.
It has appeared that the seized subject already leaves conditional term for earlier committed crime and should be every day in a police station. Now to it to spend all time in correctional facilities. By the way, football players Barcelonas any more for the first time fall a victim of thieves. Such already happened last month. Then the police of Barcelona has arrested 32 - h the summer inhabitant of suburb of Catalan capital who late admitted that wanted to steal the football player Barcelonas and to demand for it the repayment. On this act it was pushed with extreme need. Unfortunate needed money after crash of its firm. He and has not chosen, what all - taki the player to select as a target because badly understood football. This time the thief has appeared more advanced in football affairs. However, there were also successful abductions. For example, in the beginning 1980 - h a target of gangsters became Enriko Castro. It managed to be grasped, but the police nevertheless could get out the captive.
by the way, De La Penja has not been casually chosen by the thief - the loser. It - an idol of fans of Catalan club. Already in 19 years Ivan left in the basic structure Barcelonas . De La Penja was the basic carrier of shells for Ronaldo when that still acted in Spain. The policy of Dutch trainer Van Gaalja has compelled Ivan to pass in Roman Latium then in Marseilles . However its heart belonged the Leopard . And it has returned to native club in August, 2000. While the Catalan command only rents the pupil, but there is an information that Barcelona will return Ivan.