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The Iraq football players were quit with marines of the USA

the American military men occupying Iraq, aspire to come into contact to the peace population. Including by means of football.
in the city of En of Nadzhaf to local command the idea to lead a companionable match between local football club and a national team of 1 battalion of 7 divisions of marines of army of the USA has come. According to military men thus it is possible to show to local population peaceful co-existence possibility.
the meeting has come to the end with a victory of Iraqis with account 7 - 0. 600 persons observing of this game have met this result with triumph.
it is necessary to notice that it any more the first case in the history when occupational armies try to play football against local population. The most known case from this series - so-called a death match in Kiev between players the Dynamo and modular Ljuftvaffe in the occupied capital of Ukraine. Under the official version inhabitants of Kiev then have won and it is cruel for it have paid.
Americans last year have organised a companionable match in Kabul against a command of Afghanistan. In that game one of spectators has knocked the American football player on the head then protection has opened fire on a tribune.