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Radimov and Golovsky have arranged uproar in hotel

the Former player of CSKA and Moscow the Dynamo Vladislav Radimov will leave Sofia Levski . On it have informed the Bulgarian mass media.
as informs the Bulgarian Internet - a site 7 days of sports their disgusting behaviour on training gathering " became the reason of discontent with football players; Levski in Switzerland. In this country the champion of the country prepares for game of League of champions against ZHeleznichara from Sarajevo. However is simple so to train at Radimov and its partner at the command of Konstantin Golovsky it has not turned out. They have made scandal with the hotel personnel in which the command has stopped. Under some information both Russian were in a state of intoxication.
a management Levski has immediately reacted to this awful event. Both players have been sent at once by the senior trainer Ljupko Petrovichem to Sofia where with them heads of the Bulgarian club at once have started to understand. As a result, the chief executive of the Sofia command Konstantin Bazhdekov has made decision to deduct Radimov immediately. Thus, to the Russian legionary it was charged not only infringement of a sports mode, but also that it has undermined prestige of club the actions. The fault Golovsky is not so great, that is why has been decided to be limited in relation to it to a heavy fine. However, it is not excluded that after Golovsky also it will be deducted.
it is necessary to add that actions of the Russian legionaries have struck blow not only on Levski but also on the Russian football. Whether begin to buy leading European clubs players who arrange uproar abroad?