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Narva became the next range for UEFA experiments

the UEFA Management every year surprises admirers of football with new original decisions. This time rather neordinarno the question has been solved with matches of the first round of Kubka Intertoto between Estonian club the Trance and Belgrad OFK.
the First game has taken place in capital of Serbia and has come to the end with victory OFK with account 6 - 1. However so simply to leave in the following club belgradtsam it was not possible. The matter is that during game fans have showered a field with petards, canisters with gasoline and gas bags. Anybody from players as a result has not suffered, but OFK has been punished by technical defeat with account 0 - 3.
Serbs have not reconciled to such unsuccessful outcome and have appealed, which as a result has been satisfied. However it has been made in rather original image. The UEFA was simply cancelled by the first match. It has been decided that the participant of the second round will be defined following the results of reciprocal game in Narva. As a result of OFK has won this duel with account 5 - 3, having hammered in two balls into an extra time.
the match in Narva became the second duel in the history of UEFA when the participant of a following stage of Euro cups was defined following the results of one meeting. For the first time the similar incident has occurred some years ago, when Anzhi and Glasgow Rejndzhers spent game in Warsaw. However then nobody cancelled result of a duel.
it is interesting that the Trance any more for the first time it appears in the scandal centre. Two years ago this command has submitted the protest after defeat from Swedish Elfsborga with account 1 - 4 in a preliminary round of an UEFA Cup. Then Estonians have found out as a part of visitors of the player who has been not brought in the demand. Officials have awarded to the Trance a victory with account 3 - 0 which has not helped them. In a return match Swedes have won - 5 - 0.