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Sanz: Acquisition of Bekhema was absurdity

the Former president Real Lorentso Sanz named David Bekhema`s acquisition madness informs AR. Sanz who most likely will return itself a presidential armchair on July, 11th, has declared that purchase of Bekhema and sale in Chelsea Claude Makelele have brightly shown that the new head of club Florentina Peres the commercial party of a question, rather than the sports more interests.

absurdity of signing of the contract with Bekhemom and sales of Makelele is obvious. Bekhem - the great football player, but only not in the event that he plays that position on which he played this year. And on the right flank of half-backs we already have Luish the Fig - Sanz in interview Europa Press has declared.

Sanz - one of two candidates on a post of the president, besides Peres. The second - Arturo Baldasano, the vice-president of company Teka, the sponsor Real .

Both Sanz, and Baldasano accuse Peres of the wrong order money and intended distortion of a real picture of a financial position of club. people think that Real - the richest club in the world, but is a lie. We concede and to Manchester and to Juventus - Sanz has declared.

at us at present very unbalanced command with the big stars which salaries negatively affect the club budget - the former president " has summed up; Royal club .