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Santos has forbidden Robinju to leave in the field

Santos not given to the leader Robinju to pass in Real now forbids the football player to play in internal superiority, informs AR. Robinju was going to take part in a match against Korintiasa but the president of club Marselo Tejshejra has forbidden it to do it.
21 - the summer forward did not play for Santos since has returned from the Cup of Confederations in June, trying thereby to force to sell a club management it. However, he has agreed to return to club and to play till August, 31st but only in the event that the command will accept the offer Real in cost of 30 million dollars and from them of 40 percent will give to the football player.
Santos demands that Real has paid for Robinju of 50 million dollars. Then 20 million he agrees to give Robinju.
Teshejra has refused To real as Robinju agreed to return to club only under certain conditions, moreover and to take away to itself of 40 percent transfer sumy - the press - the attache of club has told.
without Robinju Santos has lost three matches successively and now goes on the sixth place in the championship, on seven points lagging behind the leader of superiority Pontus Preta .
the Brazilian confederation of football has sided Santosa .