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The Olympic Games - 2008 will be sold at auction

The more close the Olympic Games in Beijing, the are various ways on it more to earn. Next has thought up certain Chzhan Tszin Jun. It plans to grow rich on number 20080808.

This number - date of start of the Olympic Games which will be opened on August, 8th, 2008. And the same figures crown number of a mobile phone of Chzhan Tszin Junja. By the way, this - a card with this number the Chinese has received not casually - he has intentionally chosen number, having gone to shop right after how the IOC declared dates started and the terminations 29 - h Olympic Games.

according to Chzhana, he has paid for a card of 20 000 yuans (it approximately 2600 dollars). Now it is going to expose a sim card on auction. For this auction he, certainly, also has chosen date not casually - to get this - a card it will be possible on August, 8th. The starting price - 200 000 yuans (it is easy to count up that is 26 000 dollars).

When I bought a sim card, all have decided that I the madman. Well who, except mad, will agree to pay such money for number of the mobile! - Chzhan in telephone interview has told.

according to Chzhana, some companies have already expressed desire to buy this number, however to name these companies it has refused.

by the way, it is easy to guess that this number - not unique in China which comes to an end with magic figures 20080808. At least, there are eight more mobile phones, coming to an end with this combination. And, according to Chzhana, he knows a four more, ready to concede mobile for the big money.