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Astana the Swiss command " has tightened a loop on a neck of Vinokurova

; Astana has dismissed the racer Alexander Vinokurova, on which on a course Round de France - 2007 the suspicion in the use of the forbidden preparations has fallen. However, definitive and so rigid decision has accepted a command management only after a dope - test In the bicycle racer also has yielded positive result.

we will remind that on 5 - m the fifth stage velomnogodnevki Vinokurov as a result of falling injured knees, and to it has been imposed an order of 30 seams. Despite traumas, the Kazakhstan bicycle racer has continued performance, confidently having won two stages - cutting (13 - j a stage) and a mountain stage in the Pyrenees (15-). After these victories to 33 - the summer sportsman dithyrambs have begun to sound, and in a lobby it and at all began to be called as one of the basic applicants though and not on a victory in to the Big Loop then on hit in a three of the strongest.

But the events which have followed upon termination of 15 - go a stage, have put on all hopes, and first of all Vinokurova, a cross. Next day it became known that a dope - the test taken from the Kazakhstan racer after 13 - go a stage, has yielded positive result. Test A has shown that at blood of the sportsman there are various types eritrotsitov. It testified only to one - to the leader Astana recently blood transfusion has been made. That is why the fact of application so-called a blood dope it was available.

As soon as the information has fallen outside the limits laboratory, with Round all command " has acted in film; Astana with its full complement. Such step from the participant was demanded by a management of bicycle race and resistance, as they say, it was useless.

all it has occurred under the statement of Vinokurova for the innocence. It is an error, I never resorted to a dope, - he has told. - I consider that application of stimulating preparations - is inadmissible in my trade . According to Vinokurova, it has consulted with doctors, and they have made the assumption that the positive test could become a consequence of abnormal quantity of blood in hips of the sportsman.

the similar version was denied also by the vice-president of federation of cycling of Kazakhstan Nikolay Proskurin who was present at France. the all-round estimation of experts - gematologov is necessary. In private - meanwhile - conversations many physicians say that changes in blood of hard injured racer which acted with strong hematomas, accepted anti-inflammatory and anaesthetising preparations for a long time, can be considerable .

However, Vinokurova had one more version happened. In its opinion, someone to whom it is favourable, has gone on provocation, as Astana - the command showing defined and, and is enough good results, which, most likely, a steel for someone a bone in a throat. Anyway negations of fault and protests have not helped Vinokurovu It not only has lost, probably, a good result in to the Big Loop but also after days after the termination Round de France and at all remained the unemployed.

now it is threatened with two-year disqualification (in case the fault of the sportsman will be proved) and the penalty at a rate of the annual salary.

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