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On a match Belarus - Ukraine leaders of manufacture

in Minsk will go on September, 1st the World championship elimination match will take place. The national team of Belarus will take a command of Ukraine. To this match huge significance is attached.
it is valid, the victory of Byelorussians or a drawn game will lead to that the command of Ukraine will actually lose chances of participation in a world championship, and Byelorussians practically will provide to themselves the second place in group (on the first firmly there is Poland).
However the Belarus fans of football can not have an opportunity to look at game of the favorite team. Anyway, in stadium cash desks the Dynamo 25 percent of tickets have arrived only - informs dailyfootball. com. Other tickets are sent in regional to a city administration of Minsk. Them will distribute among leaders of the Belarus manufacture and and it is absolutely free. Such decision was accepted by the mayor of Minsk of Pavels.
All it reminds a scene from a known film where a house manager was going to extend among inhabitants of the house lottery tickets. will not take - we will disconnect gas . However actually all is far not so ridiculously. The remained tickets stand already on 17 dollars that for poor Belarus - huge money. Nevertheless, people, which did not become leaders of manufacture buy treasured backs.
however, tragedies too it is not necessary to create. We will remind that before historical game between Russian national teams and Ukraine many conversations that the majority of tickets is transferred in labour collectives also went, trade unions and etc. Then were much said that at stadium there will be no mass support of a national team, and instead of amicable Ole the melody of cellular telephones will sound. Actually all has appeared at all so. And the notice was, and shouted all very loudly.
And all the same a city administration of Minsk would not prevent to think not only of successful performance of the state plan, but also about own image in the opinion of inhabitants of own city.