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SHtimats huliganit and outside of a football ground

the Defender of Croatian national team of Igor Shtimats has been detained in Split by police on suspicion in armed attack, informs AR. SHtimats has been arrested, when came back home after game of the championship of Croatia. SHtimats, the owner of one of discos in Split, is accused of beating of the owner of a competing bar. The football player denies the fault.
the victim of an attack, Zelko Vidovich, has been hospitalised, however has suffered not so seriously.
it any more the first scandal connected with a name of Shtimatsa. In this draw of League of champions on a qualifying round Split met with Malorkoj . Right after the terminations of a match of Shtimats has struck in the tunnel on an exit from stadium of the assistant to the head coach of a Spanish team of Damiana Amera. Spaniards assert that the attack of Shtimatsa was preceded by its attacks to heads of their command. Thus they were ready even to give photos on which it is embodied lying on the earth Amer. After that it has been disqualified on six matches in Euro cups.
Malorka accuses Shtimatsa of hooliganism