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The Kirghiz gymnast has appeared too young for CHM

Alexander Korotkov has spent four days only for reaching Gent, a city where takes place the World championship on sports gymnastics. Then she participated in qualification in competitions on bars and on a log. And all as a result to be to disqualify because of too early age.
Korotkovoj only fifteen years. Three days it went by the bus to Moscow. Therefrom flied to Belgium where she was met by the trainer. Then it already by train reached Gent.
on Monday it has taken part in qualification in competitions on bars. It has typed only 1. 850 points, the worst result among all participants. On a log its result the little was better - it has taken the second place from the end. But all these efforts, let and not brought appreciable result, have appeared vain.
to the sportsman should be not less than 16 years for a year of competitions - it is told in an official statement of the International Federation of gymnastics. Korotkov was born on January, 30th, 1986 that is why has no right to participate in the World championship .
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