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Chelsea demands to put the fan in prison

the Trainer Chelsea Jose Mourinho demands to put in prison that fan who has thrown from a tribune a bottle in Frenka Lemparda. Incident has occurred in a match against Sheffield Junajted in which dark blue have won with account 2 - 0.
Both goals have been already hammered, the match silently slid to the of the termination, and a victory Chelsea doubts did not cause. Spectators were on the sly pulled from tribunes.
Lempard has gone to submit angular, and during this moment from tribunes the bottle which has got tochnehonko to the halfback " has arrived; Chelsea . However, the bottle was plastic so Lempard remained is live and healthy. And at all too was angry with the thrown.
however Mourinho who has presented that could be if the bottle was glass, has appeared not so miroljubiv. This serious incident and if it was possible to define who has made it, the guy would go to prison at least for the night. It would be simply remarkable. But we, unfortunately, do not know, who has thrown a bottle, and to punish club would do an injustice. I do not think that the command should suffer from - for one idiot. Perhaps the guy for a breakfast instead of milk has taken a sip wine or beer so now, to punish all? - Mourinho has told.
Lempard of blood did not demand: It is simply plastic bottle so I am not angry. Perhaps from me wait for the indignant speeches, but they will not be. Here if to me it was sick, I would speak on - to another. But after all always the one who submits angular at the stranger tribunes, risks to receive on a head. And it is exact it constantly hears insults from fans. This commonplace - the Londoner has summed up.
has not disregarded incident and Football Association of England which has requested from Sheffield Junajted the additional information on incident. The arbitrator of a meeting Martin Etkinson in the report has not mentioned an event.