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England is threatened with diplomatic scandal from - for football

Reputation of England as the countries of gentlemen and fair football can suffer after the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain has published materials according to which the majority of inhabitants of Latin America are assured that England has won the World championship on football - 1966 thanks to partiality of judges. The Latin American press is assured till now that in the championship existed English - the German plot including and judges.
as examples are resulted matches of quarterfinals in which Germans and Englishmen have beaten accordingly Uruguayans and Argentineans. In a match Germany - Uruguay the English judge has removed two players of a South American team, and in a meeting of Englishmen with Argentineans already German judge has removed the captain of Argentineans Antonio Rattina.
the Publication of documents has filled with misgivings to English diplomats. Start up all it was for a long time, the reputation of Great Britain can suffer seriously enough. Now there are negotiations between diplomatic services of England and the countries of Latin America.