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Pan - the best gift for Bekhema

We as - that have got used to think that stars, whether it be representatives of show - business or sports, give each other exclusively smart gifts. Cars, jewelry, ancient castles in Scotland, bottles of cognac of centenary endurance and to that similar luxury goods. However it has appeared that anything human is not alien to them. For example, for David Bekhema, a star Madrid Real the best gift for Christmas will be pans.

the Englishman himself admitted that anything it is not necessary for it in a gift, only a set of good pans. It appears, David not bad prepares, though he and is difficult for suspecting of it. Anyway, he considers itself(himself) as the good cook.

I have learnt to prepare in 17 years. I liked to prepare for my family, it is pleasant to submit dishes to my relatives and now. So I will be happy, if they present to me pair kastrjulek, or, as a last resort, a couple of frying pans - has told Bekhem.

However, it is visible that case, when every family has its black sheep . Anyway, anybody is more than similar modesty in a family Bekhemov - Adams has not shown. His wife Victoria, say, most likely, will receive from the husband for Christmas a traditional gift like jewelry. And children of pair hardly to be satisfied with balloons. So Bekhem has appeared the most modest.

by the way, it not the pioneer in this question. One month ago players Chelsea not the poorest people on a planet, have agreed to give each other the gifts which cost does not exceed 10 dollars. A pier, there is nothing to tease associates and to present to partners on command gifts for thousand dollars. So modesty now in a fashion.