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Vladimir Zhirinovsky was fond sports svinovodstvom

of Vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky has decided to expose in the Open championship of Russia on sports svinovodstvu which will pass 16 - on December, 17th, the pig by a nickname of Shustrik.

About it to Agency of the sports information All sports the vice-president of Federation sports svinovodstva has informed Russia (FSS) Alexey Sharshkov.
Vladimir Volfovich as the big fan sports svinovodstva has decided not to push any more luck on another`s sportsmen, and has exposed the representative, - Alexey Sharshkov has told. - Now Shustrik has training preparation in recently open europigsty on sports svinobaze in Luhovitsky area of Moscow Region under the direction of skilled trainers and physicians. SHustrik is a member of Russian national team into which except it Fortunja (from a command " enter; Radio Sports ) And three representatives of the company the New area - Borka, Deniska and Zhenka .
Alexey Sharshkov also has reminded that the open championship of Russia on sports svinovodstvu will pass 16 - on December, 17th in the Expo Crocus . Thus on tournament the tote will operate, and each of spectators can put on the sportsman fallen in love to it.

it is necessary to notice that sports svinovodstvo actively develops in our country. Recently in Luhovitsky area of Moscow Region for solemn opening of an europigsty in which sportsmen will have possibility to train within all year in comfortable conditions has taken place and it is as much as possible good to be prepared for the next, IV piggy Olympic games which will pass in April.