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Felps the Sixfold champion of the Olympic games - 2004 19 has received three years for drink driving

- summer swimmer Michael Felps is sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment conditionally zavozhdenie in a state of intoxication, informs AR.
we Will remind that the American has more recently got to policemen that has not stopped the car on sign Stop. After byloobnaruzheno that Felps is drunk. The swimmer of it did not deny and said that wanted to try only also knew that driving vpjanom a kind dangerously, it is wrong .
Before court Michael said to all that does not want, that judges did a discount for its age and popularity. to me 19. But etonichego does not mean. How many years to you would not be, you should bear responsibility for the acts always. And I dejstvitelnosozhaleju - told Felps.
As well as the swimmer asked, any discounts to it have not made. Three years of imprisonment it is conditional also the penalty. However, monetary vyplatadlja such known sportsman as Felps simply ridiculous - 250 dollars. However, is and still which - that that should budetsdelat to Felps.
In the near future it should give lessons at children`s schools about harm of alcohol, and also most to attend lectures obopasnosti green zmija . Besides, the American should pay the penalty in 250 dollars and to give lessons about harm of alcohol at schools.