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Tel - Aviv under a sight

basketball CSKA will play in Euroleague with Makkabi from capital of Israel

Tonight in Tel - Avive within the limits of the second round of the first group stage of basketball Euroleague the Moscow CSKA will play with local Makkabi . The meeting of the champion of Russia with the champion of Israel can be carried to a category of the basic. As both clubs have in current draw equal indicators - at them on the account on one victory and one defeat. The same results at two commands of group With - Greek Marussi and Spanish Baskonii .

Taste of a victory here yet has not learnt only Slovene Olympia being on last place. And is in the lead in group Roman Lottomatika which has brought to itself in an active already two prizes. It last week in Moscow has inflicted over soldiers the defeat first in tournament. Romans have got the best with the account 74:69 in the persistent struggle proceeding until the last minute. The structure of CSKA updated in inter-season period did not have reliability in defence a little, but as a whole the play of the team has left quite good impression.

the personnel changes which have happened from - for an economic crisis in camp it is red - dark blue in inter-season period, have not changed the high status of CSKA. The finalist of last Euroleague and club with great, without exaggeration, traditions on - former is a powerful irritant for any contender. Thus the command now battles on three fronts: in Euroleague, Uniform league VTB and in superiority of Russia. In two days after defeat from Lottomatiki soldiers have been compelled to leave for a platform in league VTB match. Muscovites have arrived to Mariupol where them expected local Azovmash .

the Modest Ukrainian command has given the present battle to slightly tired CSKA though as a result and has conceded 65:84. Mariupoltsy kept the good fellow of the whole three quarters of a match, having sat down only in an ending. Captain Victor Hrjapa (18 points) and legionaries of Ramunas Shishkauskas (15 points) and Tradzhan Lengdon (22 points) became the best as a part of soldiers. Last, by the way, only was restored after a trauma, and its returning has considerably raised fighting power of collective. This basketball player aloud did not suffice soldiers in game with Romans. In a camp Makkabi probably, very much hoped that it will not appear on a platform and in a match with them. It seems that in vain.

Going to Tel - Aviv, soldiers, of course, aim at a victory. Makkabi - the opponent serious, especially houses, but CSKA it all - taki on teeth. Headed in the summer of soldiers Evgenie Pashutin puts to a command game which in the long term should appear corresponding to the best samples of the European basketball. On smaller in ambitious club do not agree. The main thing for it is red - dark blue Today - not to suppose an avalanche of own not compelled errors, to play exactly throughout all game time and to avoid a total failure in any of quarters. Such is the success recipe on the Earth promised.