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Pshik for New year

the Source has stopped champagne release the day before high a season

As it became known daily, the largest Russian manufacturer of champagne the Source has stopped the conveyor. In the company this step have explained shortage of circulating assets and money for purchase of excise marks. Now she tries to pay off with tax specialists who have already demanded bankruptcy the Source in court.

that the enterprises the Source have stopped release and alcohol shipment, daily have told some participants of the market. Head PR - company department the Source Darya Domostroeva has confirmed that since September factory work on release likerovodochnyh products (LVI) has been stopped, and in the end of October the enterprise for champagne manufacture is stopped. According to Rosstata, in September the Source has made all 3,9 thousand Has given champagne - only 1 % from release volume in 2008.

by words g - zhi Domostroevoj, a stop of factories it is caused by shortage of circulating assets which are necessary to the Source on purchase of excise marks at FNS. The company already is in arrears before tax specialists. As appears from materials of Arbitration court of the North Ossetia, in July inter-regional inspection FNS on the largest tax bearers N3 has demanded to recognise the Source the bankrupt. At that point in time the debt to budgets of different level made about 200 million rbl.

In the company expect to extinguish debts against tax departments before following session of court which is appointed to the end of November. at present the Source has met with approval on attraction of extra means from the Savings Bank, sufficient for repayment of debts against the state and renewal to the middle of November, 2009 of full-scale manufacture - has declared g - zha Domostroeva. To receive acknowledgement of this information in the Savings Bank it was not possible.

in 2007 the Source was the largest manufacturer of champagne supervising about 20 % of the market of sparkling wines in Russia. This year, according to the director of branch agency TSIFRRA Vadim Drobiza, this percent already is twice less. the Suspension of manufacture of champagne, unfortunately, can lead to that the company share will continue to decrease. Besides, the Source it can not be prepared for a season of New Year`s holidays, under which distributors already now do stocks - tells g - n Drobiz.

According to the vice-president on company marketing Vineksim Stanislav Kaufmana, during the period since September prior to the beginning of January manufacturers of champagne sell to distributors of 70-80 % of annual volume of production. The general director distribjutorskoj the companies Region - 50 Nikolay Laushkin says that recently the Source Does not ship champagne even on the terms of an advance payment. their production is now washed away from shelves, people pass to other champagne. In the New Year`s program they, obviously, do not get - he speaks.

a group of companies the Source it is created in 1995. Owns an industrial complex in the North Ossetia (Beslan), uniting factories on release LVI, sparkling wines and spirit. The portfolio of marks includes vodka the Source the Ice breaker champagne the Gold collection Charlotte, etc. In 2008 the company gain has made 2,9 mlrd rbl., net profit - 2,9 million rbl.