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Not demanded technical help

6 % of motorists

To services of the specialised technical help on roads to the last half a year use services of the specialised companies only 6 % from Muscovites having the privately owned vehicle resorted only. Thus in case of occurrence of malfunctions the technical help 16 % of women and no more will cause than 2 % of men. To such conclusion experts of research centre SuperJob have come. ru, the interrogated 1800 motorists.

judging by results of poll, so small percent is caused by that technical help services mainly provided citizens can use. I used few times, but it costs a pretty penny ; if I was able to consult itself with pleasure would save ; it is very expensive - respondents make comments.

the majority of capital drivers (94 %) does not hasten to address to technical help services. According to many of them, the reason consists in slowness of employees of these companies: it is easier to correct breakage most, rather than to wait rescue services . I will correct all, I can not wait 3 - 4 hours . very long go . Others are gained by that their car still never broke: the Car young, yet did not bring there were no such situations .

In case of the compelled replacement of a wheel to trust in experts of the technical help 6 % of Muscovites are ready only. Naturally that among them it is much more than women, rather than men (16 % and 2 % accordingly) which, as a rule, can correct breakage independently.

about ability to consult without someone`s help with such misfortune as the punched wheel, 96 % of men and only 23 % of ladies declare. I the man, itself will consult ; in it there is nothing difficult - men confirm.

19 % of capital automobile owners will resort To the help native or familiar in case of a malfunction with a wheel. And here women are in the lead - a call to the father, to the husband or the friend will choose 56 % from them whereas among men such it is few (1 %). Always the husband helped - make comments motorists.