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The state has reconsidered cinema

next year film industry financing the culture Ministry will increase almost twice

In 2010 will allocate to a cinema 4,9 mlrd rbl. It almost twice more than this year. Participants of the market have apprehended news positively - state support can become rescue for the film industry. In 2009 the volume of film production from - for shortages of investments into new projects has fallen almost to 50 %.

the Minister of culture Alexander Avdeev on Wednesday has acted with the report at session of the governmental council about development of domestic cinematography. By words g - on Avdeev, next year the volume of state support of the film industry will make 4,9 mlrd rbl. that almost twice more than this year. Nearby 4,2 mlrd the rbl. will go on manufacture and hire of films and 800 million rbl. - on carrying out of film actions to Russia and abroad, have specified in the culture Ministry. The considerable part of means, according to the minister, will be allocated for start of animation, author`s, children`s and full-length documentary films.

participants of the film market have apprehended the state initiative positively. now, when the film production volume has fallen almost to 50 %, state support is not simply more significant, and in many respects can become industry rescue - the general producer " speaks; VajT Media Timur Weinstein. By its estimations, before crisis state support made about third of general budgets in the Russian cinema. Film producer Alexander Rodnjansky considers that without state financing in a market situation it would be especially difficult to develop to documentary cinema and animation . Interlocutors daily, however, notice that state means should be given on a reasonable basis . According to the president Amedia Alexander Akopova, a significant part of the state money simply it is sprayed . the Majority of the projects financed by the state, remained to stand on a regiment - he speaks.

however the new scheme of reception by producers of state means for manufacture of films while is unknown. Since 2010 cinema financing will be carried out by allocation of grants. their order (grants. - daily) grantings it is not confirmed yet. The document is in process of working out - have informed in Ministry of culture. Till 2009 inclusive they were distributed by tender carrying out, and this year competition conditions have become tougher - on start of new projects of state means were not given. Money was allocated only for end of the films already started in manufacture. From them full-length game it has appeared 50, 30 more it is planned to finance partially till the end of the year. The total sum of state support to a cinema will make in 2009 3,155 mlrd rbl., speak in the ministry. In 2008, according to the report of the Ministry of culture on work results, the volume of state investments into the film industry has made 3,3049 mlrd rbl. By results of the competitive auctions has been started 136 game, 252 not game and 39 animation films.