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Towers in rent

System will create a communication infrastructure in India under the outsourcing scheme

the Daughter Systems in India Sistema Shyam Teleservices (SSTL) has signed the cooperation agreement with Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL). System plans to rent at BSNL a telecommunication infrastructure for SSTL. Network rent will manage to System in 10-15 million dollars annually, analysts believe.

as have explained in a press - service AFK System the given model of development is favourable because of efficiency of expansion and reduction kapzatrat without decrease in speed of development. The company studies this sort of agreements and with other Indian operators. Financial conditions of the agreement do not reveal.

network SSTL has been started in operation in October, 2008. Cellular communication services in India, as well as in Russia, are given under MTS brand. According to the company, now the network covers more than 2 thousand cities in seven TV set - districts, number of the subscribers already connected to MTS, in India makes 2 million users. SSTL hopes to leave on positive level on OIBDA in 2014. In the first quarter 2009 a loss on OIBDA Sistema Shyam Teleservices the Analyst " has exceeded 30 million dollars

; Kominfo Consulting Evgenie Solomatin considers that System has chosen correct model of development which will allow to increase rather quickly the presence and user`s base, to accustom clients to a brand. in the long-term plan, certainly, it is more favourable to create own infrastructure which, having paid off for three - five years at already available essential base of subscribers, can provide high profitability of business - adds g - n Solomatin.

According to expert IK finam Alexey Kuratova, in case of rent of all network of the largest Indian operator annual charges can make an order of 500 million dollars However it is obvious that the company will not rent all network, and will use infrastructure BSNL only in those regions where own network of MTS is not completed. So real expenses can make all 10-15 million a year - considers g - n Kuratov.