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Herman Gref has broken dzhekpot

the former manufacturers of slot machines have won the Savings Bank tender

the Companies Dors and Esfor have won the tender of the Savings Bank for delivery of 30 thousand payment terminals. Both winners of the tender till 2007 were engaged almost exclusively in manufacture of slot machines. By expert estimations, the contract sum could make about 100 million dollars

In the Savings Bank tender all world`s largest manufacturers of cash dispenses and other bank equipment participated: Wincor Nixdorf, Dibold and NCR, but they have not sustained a competition at the prices, participants of the market speak. large world players are less flexible in the prices, therefore in Russia they frequently lose to local players - the chairman of committee on payment systems and bank tools of National association of participants of electronic trade (NAUET) Boris Kim speaks. Cost of one payment automatic machine makes from 2,5 thousand To 3,5 thousand dollars, accordingly, the volume of the tender of the Savings Bank can be estimated in the sum about 100 million dollars

According to participants of the market, Dors and Esfor belong to physical persons of the Russian origin, in the past closely connected with the game industry. Dors and Esfor own the industrial lines providing manufacture of metal cases of payment terminals - electronics and touch screens are bought abroad. An industrial line Esfor is in Lyubertsy. Representatives of both companies were inaccessible to comments.

that the Savings Bank intends to construct own network of payment terminals, the head of department of means of payment and calculations of the Savings Bank Igor Lipanov has told in the end of October. As he said, till the end of 2010 the bank intends to occupy a minimum of 10 % of this market. At the Savings Bank already is about 9 thousand terminals of self-service. Their big part is located in Savings Bank branches, other in places of the general access - shopping centres with which at bank contracts " are concluded; - Igor Lipanov has noted, however in what proportions terminals are established, he has not informed.

we will remind, in the summer of this year new rules of the organisation of gambling institutions have come into force. They can be opened now only in zones specially allocated for this purpose. As a result the market of slot machines (including which are not hazardous) was reduced approximately to 45-50 %, have counted up in IK finam . the Market of slot machines was essentially more segment of payment terminals, - Boris Kim, - 500 thousand against 200 thousand pieces accordingly from existing now in Russia " argues;. The market of slot machines was almost completely shadow, by rough estimates, in 2008 it made 1,5-1,8 mlrd dollars, Anna Zajtseva, analyst UK " has counted up; finam Management .

The Volume of the market of instant payments in 2008 has grown on 36 % in comparison with last year`s result, to 536 mlrd rbl., is told in report NAUET. Under forecasts NAUET, in 2009 the market volume will grow on 18 %, to 630 mlrd rbl. In this forecast we put growth of the market of cellular communication on 9-16 % in rouble expression - payments for communication traditionally occupy the big share in incomes of systems of terminals. Also the direction of additional services now develops, the volume of payments on repayment of credits and for air tickets " fastest grows; - Boris Kim explains.