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Than the fear

the British police smells will reveal terrorists on a smell of fear of death

Is proved that many animals are capable to catch a smell of fear which gives out a potential victim. Reaction to danger in the form of change of biochemistry of an organism has not bypassed also people. Similar property of a human body the British scientists who develop the device helping with the big congestion of the people to identify the person from which the fear smell proceeds have decided to use. The similar method, according to the British experts, will be especially effective at revealing of terrorists and smugglers. That the fear detector will allow to reveal the malefactor before actual commission of crime is important also.

the idea of creation of such device has arisen at scientists after they investigated biochemical changes in an organism of 20 beginning parachutists right after the jump first in their life. From clothes of young men the secret potovyh glands has been allocated and spread out to level feromonov. After reception of the basic components of the smell allocated with a human body at the moment of strong excitement, biochemists have tested a hypothesis about existence of a smell of fear on 150 volunteers. It was offered to participants of experiment to smell about ten test - strips with the smells put on them among which were as samples of a smell of the people who do not have stress, and the samples synthesised from clothes of parachutists. Thus as investigated samples had no that smell, they differed only on the biochemical structure.

while examinees got acquainted with the offered smells, scientists fixed reaction of a brain of volunteers. The tomogram has shown that when they brought to a nose a strip with a smell of parachutists, brain reaction changed - the site responsible for sensation of fear and an instinct of self-preservation became more active. According to experts, such reaction is put in us by evolution. Feeling a smell of fear from similar, the ancient person started to prepare for a possible attack, and its brain was reconstructed on a protection mode. Thus people signalled the fellow tribesmen about danger.

having translated the neural impulses arising at sensation of a smell of fear, on language of touch systems, developers hope to create system of safety which will not only distinguish a fear smell, but also can reveal its carrier in crowd. Besides, authors of working out hope to divide a fear smell into concrete versions, beginning from the smell of fear of death meeting at suicide bombers, and finishing fear to be caught, characteristic for smugglers and thieves.

however on it the opening potential is not settled. Reproduction of a smell of fear in vitro can become the powerful weapon in biochemical war. Unlike the biological weapon to supervise which dot distribution it is the extremely difficult also which without analysis kills not only the opponent, but also those who has created this weapon, application feromonov fear will operate at psychological level, spiking the strongest fear into numbers of the opponent. Thus the smell is not a virus: it is absolutely harmless to health, any way does not extend and does not bear in itself pandemic threat.

the project head professor Tong the Dignity has noticed that the first detectors of fear will appear within the next two years. While scientists do not disclose all details of created detectors, however notice that the system will consist of two sensor controls - laser and fibre-optical. similar detectors will be considerably advanced by addition in them of the detectors defining age, sex and race of the person, smelling as fear, - has declared Tong the Dignity. - Thus, orientation to the alleged offender will be enough exact and will help to find out the malefactor easily. The project on working out of touch systems of recognition of a smell of fear is spent on the basis of the London university within last one and a half years, and we think that its successful end can be expected in the near future .

the Detector of the British researchers has so interested agents of national security that the grant for its further working out, approbation and introduction was allocated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the scientists, the Olympic Games of 2012 become the nearest action on which the system will be tested.

four-footed biodetectors

Criminalists notice that the smell of the person is deeply individual and is its chemical the signature . It easily gets into clothes, footwear and can remain within several years. However experts while trust recognition of such smells not to technical devices, and biodetectors - to specially trained dogs. To distinguish smells sense of smell of dogs surpasses sense of smell of the person in ability approximately in 800 thousand times.