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Rates are lowered

by the Savings Bank under rouble contributions

Yesterday the Savings Bank has lowered rouble rates under population deposits on the average on one percentage point. To the Savings Bank example also other credit institutions, as usual, will follow.

as have informed daily in the Savings Bank, the basis for revision of conditions of contributions were positive changes in the Russian economy, events for the last quarter: Stabilization of a rate of inflation, strengthening of a rate of national currency, and also numerous decrease in the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank with 12 to 9,5 % have demanded revision of conditions on a number of contributions of physical persons. Correction has been made under contributions to the roubles, accepted on terms over six months . The Savings Bank has lowered the size of the maximum rates under rouble deposits on the average on 0,75-1,75 %. The maximum rates under rouble contributions of the Savings Bank make now 9,25-11,5 % annual in zavi ­ simosti from the sum and contribution term.

Savings Bank action is what was waited by the market. Since summer it reduced only rates under credits, and rates under population deposits remained without changes - analyst IK " speaks; the Three Dialogue Olga Veselov. She notices that the difference increase between credit and depositary rates will give to bank additional profit. Decrease by the Savings Bank of rates is a signal for other credit organisations as the Savings Bank is for them a reference point. In the near future do not exclude possibility of decrease in rouble rates in the Absolute Bank, Bank of Moscow and JuniKredit Bank.

according to the company BDO Unikon rouble contributions remain more profitable deposits, than currency, the second month successively. Thanks to strengthening of rouble profitableness of contributions in national currency in October has made 0,88 % while profitableness of dollar contributions has decreased on 3,16 %, deposits in euro - on 1,83 %.