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vebu Citizens have rendered trust

the Russian citizens participating in the program sofinansirovanija of a memory part of pension have chosen it for sofinansirovanija pensions

, do not hasten to leave money. According to the Pension fund of Russia (PFR), only a little more than 300 thousand persons have transferred the pension money for accounts veba, UK and NPF whereas application forms for participation in sofinansirovanii have submitted 1,7 million citizens. Thus the majority of those who nevertheless has decided to get a pension rise from the state, the money of the State management company - vebu has entrusted.

According to PFR, in the second quarter the means on sofinansirovanie pensions have listed only a little more than 300 thousand persons whereas all to participate in the program 1,76 million citizens (that is about 2 % from economically active population) have agreed already. In PFR declare that are satisfied by such result: Prior to the beginning of program action on sofinansirovaniju experts predicted that this year to go on additional expenses on the provision of pensions will dare a maximum of 1,5 million persons.

while the basic part of means from these citizens in the second quarter has not arrived into accounts PFR, we expect that money will be brought in the third and fourth quarters - representative PFR speaks. As he said, for sofinansirovanija pensions this year in the budget it is put 2,5 mlrd rbl. While it is enough this sum to finance all participants of the program, however if wishing to add to the pension it will appear more the state is ready to go on additional expenses, taking the necessary sum of Fund of national well-being. In total from the beginning of year into accounts UK and NPF has arrived a little more than 100 million rbl., other money (an order of 400 million rbl.) Citizens have entrusted vebu.

Chief executive NPF rajffajzen Elena Gorshkova believes that for the first year sofinansirovanija it is possible to name results of work of the program successful. I think that the basic receipts from citizens will go in the end of the year and percent of those who will decide not to enter the program sofinansirovanija, will be extremely insignificant - tells g - zha Gorshkova. As she said, despite insignificant number of citizens which have chosen NPF, inflow of means under the program sofinansirovanija for a private sector is notable enough.

at us about 700-800 clients that money which arrive into their accounts already very quite good participate in the program, and, - Elena Gorshkova tells. - I Think that serious inflow of money under the program in NPF and UK will be not earlier than through two - three years . Chief executive NPF promagrofond Olga Bulantseva considers volume of receipts under the program sofinansirovanija in NPF and UK natural. only 10 % of citizens have entrusted the pension money to the private companies and funds, and most likely the similar parity will be and under the program sofinansirovanija - it is assured g - zha by Bulantseva.

Putin has disposed about a gold share in Rosgosstrakh

the Prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin has signed the order about right maintenance a gold share at authorised capital stock increase Rosgosstrakh . Rosimushchestvu it is offered at authorised capital stock increase Rosgosstrakh to provide preservation of a share of the state at a rate of not less than 13,1 %. As have explained in the company, actions will be redeemed at the expense of own means of private shareholders. The question on the representative of the state in company board of directors dares at annual meeting of shareholders. Now interests of the state are represented by the director of department of a financial policy of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Savatjugin. The following meeting of shareholders is planned on the middle of 2010. daily