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Has conceded, but Vaclav Klaus has not surrendered

considers a variant of an exit of Czechia from EU

the President of Czechia Vaclav Klaus does not exclude possibility of an exit of the country from the European union for the sake of restoration of the sovereignty which, in its opinion, has been lost after signing of the Lisbon contract. It has declared zamglavy ­ to presidential administration Peter Gajek. However, according to experts, even in case of acceptance by Klausom of such sensational decision it will be blocked by the Czech parliament.

Prolonged process of ratification of the Lisbon contract has come to the end past Tuesday after the Constitutional court of Czechia recognised as its corresponding to the country organic law, and president Vaclav Klaus has put the signature under the document. We will remind, he has promised ­ to take such step after heads of the EU countries have agreed to limit action of the Charter of the fundamental rights of EU entering into the Lisbon contract in territory of Czechia.

However Vaclav Klaus has not changed the sceptical relation to European Union reform. Right after signings of the contract he has declared that the Constitutional court has not carried out the impartial legal analysis, and has passed the prejudiced political decision. The president of Czechia has expressed fear that after the introduction of the Lisbon contract into force the country will lose a considerable part of the sovereignty. Earlier g - n Klaus declared that the contract is “ step to a false direction “ which will transform EU into the superstate which can be compared on the structure and functions to Soviet Union­.

yesterday the position of Klausa on air of the Czech TV channel Prima was specified by the high-ranking employee of its administration Peter Gajek. “ One of Vaclav Klausa`s overall objectives is restoration politiko - legal independence of the country which will be in many respects lost after coming into force of the Lisbon contract. For achievement of this purpose the president is ready to go on extreme measures, including on an exit of Czechia from the European Union “ - the official has noted.

as has declared a source daily in Council of the European union, earlier procedure of the voluntary termination of membership of the country in EU has not been registered in one document. “ however the Lisbon ­ contract which all of us - taki have accepted thanks to Czechia, provides such possibility. But we yet do not know, how a lot of time is required on execution of similar procedure as, naturally, earlier it was never used “ - the diplomat has noted.

according to an analyst of the Center of the European reforms of Tomasha Valaseka, the statement of assistant Vaclav Klausa does not need to pay too much attention. “ Even if the president of Czechia also considers a variant of an exit of the country from EU anyway such radical step will be blocked by parliament of the country which always actively supported ratification of the Lisbon contract and integration of Czechia with the European Union “ - the expert has noted.