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G20 Makes postcrisis plans

Ministers of Finance the big twenty have gathered in Scotland

Today in the Scottish city of Sent - Andrews the two-day summit of Ministers of Finance and heads of Central Banks of the countries " opens; the big twenty . Predictably, participants of a meeting declare an exit of world economy from crisis and will make decision from middle of 2010 to begin curling of anti-recessionary programs and reduction of volumes of state support.

in Sent - Andrews the delegations representing leading economy of the world, the extensive agenda waits. In particular, it is planned to discuss the financial questions connected with themes of International conference coming in December of the United Nations on protection of a climate which as its participants hope, becomes a basis for building new, postkiotskoj, world ecological system. However that the contract on protection a climate has been approved by all members of the United Nations, at the summit in Scotland the British delegation should convince other countries G20 of necessity of allocation to developing countries of the monetary help which will allow to reduce essentially volumes of emission of carbonic gas and faster to pass to alternative energy sources. According to estimation, on performance of this program it is required to 100 mlrd dollars a year.

however the main theme of a meeting of heads of Ministries of Finance G20 - discussion of consequences of world financial crisis and measures on struggle against it. Optimism of ministers causes occurrence of the first, though and while unstable signs of restoration of world economy. There is an information that following the results of the summit the decision on gradual curling of an anti-recessionary policy and reduction of state support of national financial systems will be accepted. These processes, probably, will begin already in the middle of 2010. However, in the given context it is necessary to notice that decisions G20 have exclusively recommendatory character. With terms and ways of expansion of postcrisis mechanisms each country the big twenty it will be defined independently.