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Russia bears to Bosnia the world, oil and gas

Moscow and Sarajevo fix cooperation

After president Dmitry Medvedev who has visited recently Serbia, on the Balkans the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov who has spent the extremely sated visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiG) has visited also. The trip should give a new impulse to economic cooperation of Russia with all to BiG, and not just with the Serbian autonomy as it occurred till now.

yesterday Sergey Lavrov has met in Sarajevo the Bosnian colleague Svenom Alkalaem, representatives of presidium BiG (there enters on one Serb, the Croat and boshnjaku - to the Moslem), the prime minister - minister BiG Nikoloj Shpirichem, the chairman of the government of Republic Serbian Miloradom Dodikom, and also the high representative of the United Nations in Bosnia Valentine Intsko (as a matter of fact - external managing director ) .

G - n Intsko has told to Sergey Lavrovu that a political situation in the country heavy, with a tendency to deterioration and without normalisation signs . However, the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared to a Sarajevo press that Moscow is not inclined to dramatize an internal situation in Bosnia, and has supported influence reduction in the country of external factors which, as he said, only disturb to the Bosnian settlement and transformation from protectorate in the normal state. As to negotiations g - on Lavrova with bosnijtsami the parties have some times declared necessity to strengthen first of all economic cooperation. While the Russian investments extended first of all on Republic Serbian (the Serbian autonomy in BiG), where, for example, Zarubezhneft owns NPZ in Bosansky Ford and factory on manufacture of lubricating oils in Modriche.

However Sergey Lavrov has assured that Russia does not divide cooperation with Bosnia into Serbs and inhabitants of Musulmansko - the Croatian federation (Federations BiG). it is a pity To us that our investments into Federations BiG lag behind Republic Serbian. Simply in Sarajevo and Mostar we do not see the same interest in cooperation, as in the Bath - Onions - the minister has explained. However, according to local observers, in the near future the authorities the Sarajevo authorities can already begin negotiations with Zarubezhneftju concerning purchase of a controlling stock oil Energopetrol, owning local network of the gas station. Now the company is supervised by a consortium Croatian INA and Hungarian MOL, however in Sarajevo are dissatisfied, as owners carry out of obligations on the investment program, and the prime minister - the minister of Federation BiG Mustafa Mujezinovich even has declared that the government is ready to break off with them the contract. In this case Zarubezhneft It is considered almost the main applicant on Energopetrol as the company already has a number of actives in Bosnia, and till 2015 plans to increase essentially a network of the gas stations in region.

while the basic directions of cooperation of Moscow with Bosnia on - former are looked through in Republic Serbian. So, at Sergey Lavrova`s meeting with Miloradom Dodikom variety of power questions was discussed. G - n Dodik has expressed interest in, that the same Zarubezhneft was engaged in republic in search of oil deposits. if the company wants to receive concession, it will receive it - the leader of the Bosnian Serbs has assured. Besides, it was a question of participation of the Russian companies in the thermal power station project Uglevik - 2 and also building of branch from the Serbian site of a gas pipeline the Southern stream on Republic Serbian.