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The partner business - a class

on a controlling stock Aeroflot - plus applies Austrian Jet Alliance

Aeroflot plans to involve the partner for airline development Aeroflot - plus specialising on business - transportations. Some sources daily, familiar with the company plan for development, have told that the carrier is ready to sell 51 % of actions of affiliated structure. Interest was already shown by the Austrian group Jet Alliance specialising on transportations by planes Cessna. Its offer - 2 million dollars

About the transaction on share sale in Aeroflot - plus daily have told at once some its participants and the representative of board of directors Aeroflot . the Airline wants to develop some years business - transportations on the basis of the affiliated structure Aeroflot - plus But for realisation of the project the strategic partner having experience in given sphere " is necessary to it; - the representative of board of directors of a carrier has told. To it it is planned to sell 51 % of actions Aeroflot - plus which have estimated in 2 million dollars Such variant of the transaction it is already approved by board of directors, but Rosimushchestvo has asked to hold the tender.

the official representative Aeroflot has specified that the decision on sale of actions it can be accepted in the near future but potential buyers did not name. But the interest to Aeroflot - plus does not hide Austrian Jet Alliance. We carry on negotiations with Aeroflot within several years. Recently I have received the informal information that the transaction has met with approval of board of directors of the Russian carrier - the head of supervisory board Jet Alliance Vitus Ekert has told daily. He has specified that it is a question not of absorption Aeroflot - plus and about joint venture creation. According to the source, familiar with company plans in the Russian market, it is planned that the carrier will use ten aircrafts, registered in Russia on internal lines. That purchase corresponded to the Russian legislation, directly Jet Alliance 49 % of actions will own only, and 2 % will belong to specially created Russian legal body. The project will develop on the basis of the business terminal in the Sheremetyevo which is base for Aeroflot - plus .

Jet Alliance 15 years work in Russia, but in Moscow it has opened representation only in September of this year. In the company the former general director " works; Aeroflot - plus Sergey Koltovich. It initially was entrusted to prepare business - the company plan (updating of park of aircrafts and purchase of the western planes business - a class was provided). About the reason on which he has left a post of the general director, and now works in Jet Alliance, g - n Koltovich does not speak.

Joint-Stock Company Aeroflot - plus - 100 - percentage affiliated structure Aeroflot specialising on business - transportations. The company operates three They be 134 in a complete set salon and two Yak - 42. The saved up debt of a carrier is equal to 85 million rbl.


Aeroflot business - will be engaged in transportations