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the Wolf ticket for drunk pilots

vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov suggests to punish drunkards behind a steering wheel

Vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov is going to struggle with drunkenness onboard planes. Acting today on the expanded board of Ministry of Transport, he has suggested to give out the wolf ticket to those pilots who have been convicted of the alcohol use before flight or during it.

If one airline expels such pilot it is important that another did not take him again for work - he has told. Pilots receive a worthy high salary and such tricks are inadmissible, assured vitse - the prime minister. Sergey Ivanov has noticed that now in the State Duma amendments to the Code about the administrative offences, providing for such offences deprivation of the right of management by the aircraft for the term from two till three years are considered.

desire to toughen for pilots punishment for drunkenness has arisen not spontaneously. In September of last year at approach to Perm plane Boeing 737 - 500 has broken. The crew error became the Cause of accident. Later in an organism of the commander of the aircraft traces of ethyl spirit have been found out. One month ago the administration of the airport of Frankfurt am Main has not admitted to flight of the pilot of the Russian airline Siberia suspecting that it is in an alcohol intoxication. The plane departure has been detained at six o`clock.

Sergey Ivanov suggests to punish for drunkenness and air passengers. in my opinion, for boozers - passengers need to be toughened punishment - he has declared. As he said, in the European countries penalties for drunkenness are onboard very high, and at us - only 200 - 500 roubles. the ready recipe at me is not present, but I believe that drunk uproar onboard an air liner and public order infringement in a state of intoxication in the street all - taki not same - Sergey Ivanov has explained.


the Wolf ticket for the drunk pilot