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Have joined Slovenia

Russian national team Russian national team on football will lead matches in Moscow and Maribor

Today begins preparation for butt elimination matches of the World championship - 2010 with modular Slovenia. They will take place on November, 14th and 18 in Moscow and Maribor. On a game - the permit in the republic of South Africa on Mundial. On Tuesday the training opened for fans in " is planned; Luzniki “.

Further Russians will train on the main arena of the country on once a day up to Saturday. But admirers of a national team on trainings any more will not start up. Only representatives of the press there can get. However, only for the first 20 minutes of each employment. The national team of Slovenia will arrive to Moscow on Thursday evening. To train in Moscow “ Luzniki “ Slovenes will be only once - on Friday. Their head coach Matjazh Kek has promised to make opened a quarter of training hour.

Meanwhile ­ future games cause some fears in the Russian experts­. The former player of a national team of the USSR Evgenie Lovchev has declared daily that very difficult games are coming Russians. “ I not from those who spoke before a toss-up: well Slovenia would get to us. I saw this national team in game with Slovakia which has taken as a result the first place in its group. Slovenia looked very decently and has won on a visit 2:0.

It is very organised and equal command. Without allocated as in the best, and to the worst players. She extremely reliably plays

in defence. For all group tournament Slovenes have passed only four balls “ - the expert has noticed and has added that, speaking about a future duel, it is necessary to consider weather conditions.

“ in Moscow commands, probably, will play the frozen slightly field which levels advantage of Russians in the technician, - Evgenie Lovchev has underlined. - On such lawn to destroy easier, than to create that on a hand to Slovenes. And Russian national team now at all that that was two years ago in the European championship in Austria and Switzerland. Many of those players who then defined a play of the team, are now not in the best form as, for example, Torbinsky­, or have no sufficient game practice, as Pavljuchenko and Zhirkov “.

it is careful enough in the estimations and eks - the trainer of Russian national team Anatoly Byshovets. “ the national team of Slovenia objectively concedes to our national team. But to underestimate this command would be the biggest error, - he has told daily. - It is known that behind our command such sin sometimes is found. And we at times underestimate the contender not so much, how many we overestimate the forces. It is enough to remember a recent match of Russians with a command of Azerbaijan. But I hope that now it will not repeat “.

Kasparov and Carps have taken a break

On Monday it became known that the second match between eks - world champions on chess Harry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpovym who should take place in December in Paris, is transferred for 2010. Exact term of carrying out of a duel and the reason of its carrying over are not disclosed by chess players and organizers. In the first match passing in September in Valencia and consisting of four parties in fast chess and eight blitz - parties, with the account 9:3 Kasparov has won. The match prize fund made, under the informal information, from 3 to 5 million dollars