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bottlerom cognac the Kaliningrad factory " can become new; Itar

In the end of October capital factory KiN has lost the licence for release konjachnoj mark Moscow being in justices ­ lenii FKP Sojuzplodoimport . As it became known daily, except TD Interrepublican winery (MVZ) the Kaliningrad factory applies for pouring of this cognac Itar . The source close to FKP, asserts that the company now conducts consultations of both companies. The main requirement which exposes Sojuzplodoimport - to provide a prorecension ­ stvo not less than 825 thousand has given cognac in a year that on 10 % more than it has been registered in the contract with KiN .

Itar is the old partner Sojuzplodoimporta : The Kaliningrad factory lets out for the enterprise of mark which are delivered for export. According to the data of site FKP, under the licence Itar lets out vodka under trade marks: Stolichnaya, Moskovskaya, Stolichnaya Kristal, Moskovskaya Kristal and Russkaya.

that Itar has proposed Sojuzplodoimportu to make cognac Moscow daily has told a source close to FKP. Before the basic applicant for pouring was only MVZ, - the interlocutor speaks. - final arrangements while with anybody it is not reached .

One of the basic requirements which are put forward FKP to the future bottleru, the increase in volume of output " is; Moscow . About this condition the general director of the Incorporated company heard (25 % TD " own; MVZ ) Evgenie Kalabin. In Sojuzplodoimporte want to increase release Moscow on 10 % to that volume which spread on KiN - he speaks. In the contract with KiN the obligatory volume of pouring has been registered at 750 thousand level has given, accordingly the new contract can assume release of an order of 825 thousand has given Moscow . By words g - on Kalabina, capacities MVZ allow to make such volume for FKP.

Sojuzplodoimport has terminated in the end of October the licence contract on a trade mark Moscow with KiN and company AK belonging on an equal footing Alkomiru Igor Kesaeva and KiN . Then the company has brought an action on AK and KiN having demanded to collect from them 302,1 million rbl. of a damage which has been put ostensibly at the expense of replacement from the market Moscow and replacement of its volumes sob ­ stvennoj konjachnoj factory mark KiN - Kinovsky .

to Receive the comment Sojuzplodoimporta yesterday it was not possible. Under the assumption of one of participants of the market, Itar can spill Moscow on capacities of the related structure Vest - Alko (makes under licence FKP alcoholic production under trade mark Starka).

Manufacture Moscow is of interest and for others konjachnyh manufacturers. For example, in VKZ the Alliance - 1892 (TM Old Kenigsberg ) Say that at present the company management did not receive the offer on cooperation from FKP but if it has arrived, with interest it would consider .

According to the director branch the agent ­ stva TSIFRRA Vadim Drobiza, transfer of the licence for pouring Moscow to the regional enterprises will not do good to a brand. I consider that cognac Moscow should spread only in Moscow - he speaks.

FKP Sojuzplodoimport it is created in April, 2002. The enterprise is engaged in the organisation of manufacture and distribution of food products, alcoholic and soft drinks under the trade marks belonging to the state, in Russia and in the international markets. The basic alcoholic trade marks: Stolichnaya, Moskovskaya, Russian Soviet etc. Open Company Firm Itar is engaged in manufacture of spirit and strong alcohol. In 2008 the company gain has made 177,5 million rbl., net profit - 1,6 million rbl. (the data the SCREEN).

the Largest manufacturers of cognac

the Manufacturer

the release Volume in the first half of the year 2009, has given thousand

Growth in relation to the first half of the year 2008, %

Open Society MVKZ KiN



Open Company VKZ the Alliance - 1892



Open Society MMVZ (enters in TD MVZ )



Open Company Vest - Alko



the Source: Rosstat

Itar - the old partner Sojuzplodoimporta : the Kaliningrad factory lets out export vodka under trade marks Stolichnaya, Moskovskaya and Russkaya